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Topic: "Small Talk"

Generalleutnant Irwish, Mo, 20.6.16 21:57:16:

Hello guys,

you are able to get units from my military buildings.

General ReTaLiAt!oN, Tu, 21.6.16 11:57:02:


Let's win this round
General GAP, Tu, 21.6.16 14:27:51:

It's no so interessting playing 3vs. 1
General ReTaLiAt!oN, Tu, 21.6.16 15:02:08:


But using Multies too.
Isn't it, lgay?!
General GAP, Tu, 21.6.16 15:19:04:

I'm playing alone sooo

don't know who is using multies

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