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Topic: "Come on"

Generalleutnant Kraven, Sa, 21.2.15 12:11:59:

erheben sich das Spiel nicht langweilig machen ihre noch früh in Spiel Angriff der schwachen Städten eploit unserer Größe , um Ihre Fähigkeit nur sicherstellen, dass Sie nicht mit Chaos Kraves Reich XD
rise up do not make the game boring its still early in game attack the weak cities eploit our size to your ability just make sure you dont mess with Kraves Empire XD
Mr. Superglue, Su, 22.2.15 18:31:43:

Well round countdown starts soon.
General WeedStar, Su, 22.2.15 20:56:48:

Well that was really boring and sad. Are you proud of this? That's not how you play a war game
Mr. Superglue, Su, 22.2.15 21:28:07:

No. That was very boring no fun at all.
Generalleutnant Kraven, Mo, 23.2.15 11:07:13:

So I own 22% of the world and I have 3 billion people if this was like Victoria 2 I would mobilize the peasant's Draft a shit ton of tanks and Planes then invade the whole world and force everyone to work in the Fields, and Mines, maybe I'd make the Navy 500 battleships strong and 20 aircraft carriers that way no one from another continent could reach my mainlands
Mr. Superglue, Mo, 23.2.15 18:59:25:

I noticed my income went down as soon as the countdown started.
Generalleutnant Kraven, Mo, 23.2.15 23:19:54:

My income went from 72 million to 38 million I was like, da few is this..

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