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Topic: "Realism?"

Generalleutnant Kraven, Th, 30.7.15 15:48:59:

I think we should add a bit more Realism to the game, I dont think we should beef up income because its good where its at, but i think that the ammount of units it takes to keep a City of 500,000 or more should def be over 5,000. No Way in hell could 1,654 men keep 1.5 million people protected and safe, and if we talking about china, its major cities have like 10-20 million people. So i think we should A. Make cities Population more real, B. Update the Borders of the game ( alot of Places are inccorect, India doesnt own all of the Kashmir Province) and C, Increase the ammount of men it takes to Capture or at least keep a city at max income. Also, maybe the game could add a Naval Aspect of things that shortens down travel time. and i hate that it takes 21 hours to go from New Delhi to say Islamabad, Maybe shorten travel time to a realistic ammount or at the very least allow us to buy buildings or units that will speed up travel time because the fighters are as slow if not slower than Infantry

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