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Topic: "Operation Burrito"

Generalleutnant Kraven, Th, 20.9.18 5:47:10:

Its clear to me that Sam has some sort of value in the cities of Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, and Mexicali, its obvious by the fact that a majority of his forces in mexico are located in these cities. I have sent Troops to each of these cities, with the Exception of Mexico City. In a few hours i will send 70,000 units to the underground in mexico city, I also have 100,000 troops and 1000 aircraft en route to San Juan, from there ill send those 100,000 to Washington DC. we can launch a duel assault on mexico and the United states. Tell me what you chaps think of this plan. Also Lord stop losing countries in africa lmao look at my South African Empire
Samsemillia, Th, 20.9.18 7:47:00:
Thank you for your information
General Brise, Th, 20.9.18 8:19:19:

What the Fuck

maybe your shoudn't share your personal plans with your enemys.
Samsemillia, Th, 20.9.18 8:22:14:
I think you should do it in private mode

General Lordpensi, Th, 20.9.18 10:24:05:

General Brise, Th, 20.9.18 10:39:08:

Na jetzt ist es auch schon egal
Samsemillia, Th, 20.9.18 10:49:36:
Vllt ist das auch nur ne Taktik von euch Wer weiss
Generalleutnant Kraven, Tu, 25.9.18 16:31:32:

Viva Puerto Rico! Viva Kraven, VIVA HUT

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