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Topic: "Forum use!"

Colonel thepostman, We, 14.3.12 22:16:12:

This can be used to detail shit when no ones online. or to post things we dont exactly want via fb
Oberst Zvika, We, 14.3.12 22:19:50:

Is the topic private?
Samsemillia, We, 14.3.12 22:25:00:
Yes of course
Oberst Zvika, Th, 15.3.12 6:02:42:

derp derp derp
Colonel thepostman, Th, 15.3.12 7:39:43:

yeah basically i want people to see we goofballs. and i didnt put anything important in here

Brigadier General AncientHydra, Th, 15.3.12 8:27:01:

Colonel thepostman, Th, 15.3.12 9:36:51:

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