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Hab da mal ne wichtige Fragecreated by derppd (We, 25.12.19 23:05:05)
Replies: 1""last posting by General ReTaLiAt!oN (Th, 26.12.19 1:13:25)
Operation Burritocreated by Generalleutnant Kraven (Th, 20.9.18 5:47:10)
Replies: 7"Viva Puerto Rico! Viva Kraven, VIVA HUT"last posting by Generalleutnant Kraven (Tu, 25.9.18 16:31:32)
Small Talkcreated by Generalleutnant Irwish (Mo, 20.6.16 21:57:16)
Replies: 4"I'm playing alone sooo don't know who is using ..."last posting by General GAP (Tu, 21.6.16 15:19:04)
Falkland Islandscreated by Mr. Superglue (We, 25.2.15 14:44:10)
Replies: 4"The island nation of the Falkland Islands has declared..."last posting by Mr. Superglue (Th, 26.2.15 0:34:45)
???created by General Xibstl4u (Fr, 31.1.14 12:56:16)
Replies: 32"Ja so ist es. Ich hab nie behauptet das ihr Verträge..."last posting by Samsemillia (Mo, 10.2.14 22:18:58)
letzz Fetzzcreated by Generalleutnant TheRave (Th, 2.5.13 14:09:25)
Replies: 26"allianzpartner gesucht, mal bitte melden wer interesse..."last posting by Cell (Su, 4.8.13 13:02:02)
Forum use!created by Colonel thepostman (We, 14.3.12 22:16:12)
Replies: 6""last posting by Colonel thepostman (Th, 15.3.12 9:36:51)
Hezbollahcreated by General de Brigada Trailerpark (Tu, 22.12.09 19:08:05)
Replies: 78" *hust*"last posting by General TheBlackDeath (Sa, 26.12.09 15:11:07)
Servuscreated by Generalleutnant Irwish (Mo, 21.12.09 21:55:00)
Replies: 20"D"last posting by unknown (Tu, 22.12.09 18:28:44)
Allycreated by unknown (Tu, 20.10.09 19:51:02)
Replies: 64"naja wenn mann net mer machen kann was soll man..."last posting by unknown (Su, 15.11.09 19:35:13)
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