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Topic: "Falkland Islands"

Mr. Superglue, We, 25.2.15 14:44:10:

The Tiny, but Might Nation of the Falkland Islands, now has more soldiers than people living in the country?

How can this be? One can only think that their Charismatic leader has something to do with it.
Generalleutnant Kraven, We, 25.2.15 15:38:30:

Or you hired Mercenaries!!! You evil crook! Dare I away, you ,make your money by selling Poppy and Heroin to the Argentine's
Mr. Superglue, We, 25.2.15 15:43:43:

Actually I have already recruited more people than the country has

But thank you for the new revenue source. Tax income is very small in a nation of 2000 people.

Any other ideas for me?
Generalleutnant Kraven, We, 25.2.15 23:27:03:

So do what Scotland does and just make your currency into meaningless threats, sheep and a punch to the face! If you need money come to Brazil our people will give you more then a punch to the face if you know what I mean
Mr. Superglue, Th, 26.2.15 0:34:45:

The island nation of the Falkland Islands has declared war on the island state of Trinidad and Tobago. 43 HOURS. From now terror will rain down upon you.

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