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Topic: "New Unit/neue Einheit"

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Generalleutnant Kraven, Tu, 17.2.15 13:05:26:

I think the game should add a new type of Unit. The crime fighter. It will have Policemen who act like military units in cities and can only be attacked/attack criminals and thieves. The Detective Unit should be specialized to attack Felons and crooks. The S.W.A.T Team should Specialize in Hunting down Gangstars and Gang Leaders. The final unit is the Nationl Police and they should hunt down the Public Enimies. I just think these units could be cool as to fight crime while being a politician. Maybe we could also add the militia it should have very poor defense and offence but is a auto spawn unit after a country is completely taken over where the minimum amount of troops in a city needed that's how many militia spawn in a city. For expample. I invade Washington D.C and I capture the U.S rather then spend 1-2 days trying to send troops to every city militia will already be there allowing me to collect income from the city without having to Station troops I actually need for battle. Also maybe we could add defensive structures or invest in technology that will give troops defensive/offensive bonuses but come with a penalty to one or the other. So for construction of defensive buildings you could build x amount of anti air, anti tank flamethrower/machinegun bunkers in your country or city and make travel for units much more dangerous possibly lossing troops before a major battle begins. IDK comment your thoughts
Ich denke, das Spiel sollte eine neue Art von Einheit hinzuzufügen. Das Verbrechen Kämpfer. Es wird über Polizisten, die wie militärische Einheiten handeln in Städten und nur angegriffen werden / Angriff Verbrecher und Diebe. Der Detective Einheit sollte spezialisiert werden, um Schwerverbrecher und Gauner angreifen. Das SWAT Team sollte in Jagd auf Gangstars und Gang -Mitarbeiter spezialisieren . Die letzte Einheit ist die Nationl Polizei , und sie sollten die Jagd nach dem öffentlichen enimies . Ich denke nur, diese Geräte könnte cool sein , um Verbrechen zu bekämpfen , während sie ein Politiker . Vielleicht könnten wir auch die Miliz sollte sehr schlechte Abwehr und Angriff , aber ein Auto Spawn Einheit nach einem Land, ist komplett über , wo die minimale Menge an Truppen in einer Stadt notwendig das ist, wie viele Miliz laichen in einer Stadt genommen hinzuzufügen. Um zB . Ich eindringen Washington DC und ich erfassen die USA eher dann verbringen 1-2 Tage versuchen, Truppen nach jeder Stadt Miliz senden sie bereits da mir erlaubt, Erträge aus der Stadt zu sammeln , ohne Bahnhof Truppen habe ich eigentlich für den Kampf müssen . Auch könnten wir vielleicht Verteidigungsanlagen hinzuzufügen oder investieren in Technologie, geben Truppen defensive / offensive Boni, aber kommen mit einer Gebühr, die eine oder andere . So zum Bau von Verteidigungsgebäudekonnte man x Menge an Anti Luft, Panzerflammenwerfer/ MG Bunker in Ihrem Land oder eine Stadt zu bauen und Reise für Geräte viel gefährlicher möglicherweise lossing Truppen vor eine große Schlacht beginnt . IDK äußern Sie Ihre Meinung
Mr. Superglue, Tu, 17.2.15 22:37:27:

Well ordinances are basically the units you talk about for anti crime.

I can't say I am a fan of militia. But I have often thought what the game might be like if you added in some sort of defensive fortifications.
Generalleutnant Kraven, We, 18.2.15 3:58:17:

Ordinances take up income from the country what I'm saying is it would be better to have a police unit. or the ordinances could spawn the police units and once a city reaches 5,000 policeman the ordinance will auto stop unless you check the box that says to continue recruitment on
Mr. Superglue, We, 18.2.15 5:26:50:

Couple thoughts.

1st This game is a macro environment adding the unit you propose seems like micro management.


Playing Crime is already difficult enough and the game favors the president over the crime lord already. There would need to be a change to make it easier for the crime lord somehow to help them out.

If you haven't played crime you should give it a try.

To do it well it is much more difficult and intensive than playing a president. I have been a very successful crime lord. It is a lot of work without much reward. The point system does not help a crime lord at all.
Generalleutnant Kraven, Th, 19.2.15 4:52:29:

Well true. Hmm I'd also like to see a navy added I mean the navy could only be useful with coastal cities but I think it would be cool. Or you could build aircraft carriers and the carrier could attack any city but if carrier aircraft are lost you got to replace them buy putting money in your secret account. I mean I know nothing we discuss will be implemented but men its good to imagine.
Mr. Superglue, Th, 19.2.15 5:47:25:

I have long thought the idea of a navy would be really cool.
Generalleutnant Kraven, Th, 19.2.15 14:55:46:

The secret account really should be renamed to deposit Money and don't remember about IG until that last 3 hours of the round. Last round I had 1.884 billion in the secret stash didn't notice until it was useless. That's why if you say Ottawa it had 550k men because I just bought 184,000 gun soldier 3s adding to my like 320k rifle fanatics. It was fucking funny how me and you fought off Ram with half the amount of his troops. He attacked Ottawa 11 times the first 4 days me and you owned canada. He only took Ottawa for 3 hours when me and you invaded USA. I felt bad XD
Mr. Superglue, Th, 19.2.15 14:58:30:

Ramm did not know what he was doing, or was not trying very hard. He held only capitals in the countries, none of the other cities..
Generalleutnant Kraven, Th, 19.2.15 17:56:41:

Well to be fair, he did have a perfect defence combo. He always had a 1:10 ratio for his defense meaning he had for exp 1000 ATs for every 10,000 men, and 100 tanks for every 10,000 men. His aircraft defense was terrible though I killed 21,000 men in washington with 160 bomber III that's why your assault on DC was pretty easy. Intact I was pretty aggravated with you last round because I'd bomb the fuck out of rams military log off then a few hours later come on and see you captured the country. I was like da fuq brah really..
Mr. Superglue, Th, 19.2.15 18:50:09:

When I took The US I had other forces already on the way

Don't buy bombers they are a waste of money.

160 bombers to kill 21000 guns

1.6 million per bomber

10k per gun soldier

His cost 210,000,000

Yours cost 256,000,000. And considering the cost of the guys that actually killed you..

300 AA's would have been more than enough to wipe them out.

what is it 45k per 13,500,000 troops to kill yours? Not good buy.

You could have 25000 armed fanatics with that and it would have been just as good or better.
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