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Topic: "New Unit/neue Einheit"

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Generalleutnant Kraven, Th, 19.2.15 20:09:15:

Teach me more!
Mr. Superglue, Th, 19.2.15 20:56:17:

Ok for me. The best unit to buy for offense is the Rifle soldier.

MG's ect are better, but not as effective compared to having more troops. (in my opinion_

You need to focus on the most common kind of unit you will need to kill. INFANTRY.

Everything other than that is secondary.


In my opinion are best for the defense. Buy buying them, you force the attacker to buy superior number of AA/AT to attack you than would probably be necessary.

Now you could say Well I'll buy MG's to make up that difference. Once again kind of a waste. Your riffles have a minimal chance, and the chance your MG's have vs planes and tanks is pretty small as well.
IF you want units to fight both tanks and infantry buy GL. There are usually so few planes to fight spending money on MG's for the slightly better chance is a waste of cash.

Tanks, don't waste time with flameworks factory. Light facility is more effective for cost in my mind. Flameworks cannot kill planes, Light units cannot.

IF you need to fight lots of planes and tanks in a battle. I buy Hunter tanks, and assault tanks.

Combat tanks are awesome, but they are defensive units.

Do you know what the red/blue dot means on the icon of a unit?
Generalleutnant Kraven, Fr, 20.2.15 3:32:08:

I always though blue was defensive unit and red was offensive
Mr. Superglue, Fr, 20.2.15 4:44:02:

You are correct.

The attack values are doubled when used in the correct way incase you didn't know.

If there are any noobs great information.
Generalleutnant Kraven, Fr, 20.2.15 21:13:41:

How do you use them in the correct way?
Mr. Superglue, Fr, 20.2.15 23:40:43:

Simple. Use the type of unit only for that type of battle if you care enough. Example. Send rifle soldiers to conquer than send guns 10 mins later. So they are not involved in the combat.
Generalleutnant Kraven, Sa, 21.2.15 5:00:53:

Oh I thought you meant sertain troops had bonuses or penalties for other troops

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