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Topic: "Poll: Capture The Western Cities of Canada."

Captain Zachary Munshaw, Th, 25.6.09 2:39:04:

This is a Poll on weather or Not we should Attack And Capture Toronto, Happy-Valley, Montreal, And all other Western-Canadian Cities, Followed by Ottawa...
Generalmajor Assassin, Th, 25.6.09 5:47:10:

I´m on the way to Ottawa in a Hideout. i Take over the Country in the last Hours. And i go to the Usa.

Rokka is our biggest enemy.
Morgens ist MC langweilig

22.261 punkte
General rokka, Th, 25.6.09 7:13:21:

good to know
Generalmajor Assassin, Sa, 27.6.09 8:15:53:

We must do to send a Allianzunionsvertrag to WWW
Morgens ist MC langweilig

22.261 punkte
McChiller, Sa, 27.6.09 11:06:21:

Captain Zachary Munshaw, Su, 28.6.09 19:21:29:

Rokka's Getting cocky.....
General rokka, Su, 28.6.09 21:03:55:

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